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A view of the beach at the Tulum ruins archaeological site. Sian Ka'an | Mexico

My great passion is traveling and exploring the natural wonders of the planet.

Travel independently has always fascinated me. I love the adventure and the encounters with different cultures, but the most rewarding part of the journey is without doubt the indescribable emotions that I feel when I am the observer of the Nature's marvels.

I have always cultivated this passion in a sort of casual way. Now I think it is time to pursue those incomparable emotions with greater conviction.

Monte San Giorgio | Italy & Switzerland

Having considered that I can be more effective and consistent when I am working towards specific targets, I decided that I needed a plan. This plan had to be simple but at the same time uplifting and motivating.

The basic idea was to visit all the best natural sites on the planet. Considering the excellent selection work already done by UNESCO, it has been easy to come to the conclusion that the objective had to be to visit all the Natural Sites in the World Heritage List.

It might appear as a rather trivial and quite extreme plan. Never mind that it is unrealistic, the important thing is to believe in it and proceed in small steps.

Every journey continues with the sharing of the experiences. Therefore I intend to take advantage of the Internet technologies to facilitate the exchange of information and helpful tips to better enjoy the wonders of the Natural Sites of the World Heritage List, with the largest possible number of travelers who love Nature.

It would be a great satisfaction if this project could somehow increase the sensitivity of other travelers towards Nature and the need to respect and protect the natural environment.

Basically this is why I decided to start the WNHS eXperience project.


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